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It is said that, in the history of Japan, the practice of making things goes far back to the Jomon period. This practice since then has been inherited all the way down to the present in the form of spirit of making things and 'tradition.'

The quintessence of the spirit of making things derives from a mind of 'caring about things and feeling affection to things.' Japan, conserving such a mind with high regard, is in possession of many other excellent 'Made in Japan' articles than automobile cars or electric appliances. Among them are kimonos made of silk or cut glass made with traditional technique succeeded from the Edo period, all of which have value of genuine and beautiful things.

We at JBO are extremely particular about conception. That is 'quest for genuineness.' We find anywhere in the world today lots of counterfeit commodities of similar appearances or gimmicks marked 'Made in Japan', though they are far inferior in quality of traditional techniques. We started the operation of the 'Japan Brand Online' in the earnest hope of bringing to the public awareness those articles endorsed by Japan's tradition and technology. We will introduce severely selected products labeled 'Japan Brand' to people in the whole world.

It is our pleasure to deliver to you superior products and genuine products in a true sense.

The 'Japan Brand Online' is firmly oriented towards 'quest for genuineness.'


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